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Communities of Competence or Grace

by Pastor Hartley

One of the things the world is quite good at creating are communities of competence. Communities of competence are little informal societies of people who associate with one another for the primary purpose of demonstrating their individual competence in whatever endeavor has joined them together. Thus communities of competence come into existence to exhibit, to […]

Sons of Adam, Daughters of Eve

by Pastor Hartley

I am the father of five tax exemptions. One evening, several years ago, I herded three of our five ‘standard deductions’ into the living room for a treasured bedtime ritual: read aloud time. On this particular night we would witness the final stages of a fierce battle in the land of Narnia. After trouncing an […]

seeking the extraordinary?

by Pastor Hartley

Earlier this summer, not too long after Apple Valley finished its own Vacation Bible School, we squeezed in one more for our youngest kiddos. Two open nights on the calendar and the beckoning of friends made it an easy choice. It soon became clear, however, that our children got more than the Bible. As our daughter […]