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Empty Chairs…

by Pastor Hartley

(The following is a funeral homily I prepared for the deceased mother of a beloved saint. I share it this week knowing that because of death many approach this year’s Thanksgiving with more empty chairs at their tables than the year past. For those who do not feel this sting so acutely, may these words […]

Books, Books, Books

by Pastor Hartley

I do not wish to make too much out of the importance of books, but nor do I wish to make too little of them either. We all know how easy and common it is to elevate something to a place of such significance that the brouhaha turns out to be nothing more than a […]

What’s your calling? What is calling?

by Pastor Hartley

It is an epic statement dangerously close to triumphalism but I am not sure it is something for which we will have to apologize: the 16th century reformation of the church shepherded normal work-a-day Christians back to a true humanity to both the benefit of themselves and their neighbors. What I am referring to specifically […]