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Popularity, Legitimacy and Truth

by Pastor Hartley

In 2001 Jeremy Bowen presented, Son of God, a documentary on Jesus for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). In the documentary Bowen stated, “The important thing is not what he was or what he wasn’t—the important thing is what people believe him to have been. A massive world wide religion, numbering more than two billion […]


by Pastor Hartley

If only questions in the game Trivial Pursuit were this easy: What is the busiest travel day of the year in the United States?The day before Thanksgiving. Every year the travel gurus at AAA estimate how many people will travel by train, plane or automobile for the last American holiday free from mass marketing. In […]

The Church – Walmart? DMV? Or something else?

by Pastor Hartley

I had occasion a couple weeks ago to be in two very different places that got me thinking about life in the Lord’s churches. These two places are different but they have one big thing in common. I’ll get to that in a moment. The first place was Walmart. Walmart is a place I occasionally […]