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by Pastor Hartley

“Power corrupts. PowerPoint corrupts absolutely.”  That is Edward Tufte, professor emeritus at Yale University, throwing a bit of social criticism at Microsoft’s well-known software program by re-imagining Lord Acton’s famous saying. I just discovered Tufte – much later of course than his wife and no doubt thousands of other people – while preparing to teach […]

Care for the Poor

by Pastor Hartley

During this month of February we are being asked to consider two services to the poor. The deacons are asking us to contribute to the “Help for the Homeless” hygiene drive and the elders have encouraged that special offerings be made to supply the deacons’ benevolence fund. What are your first thoughts when you hear […]

by Pastor Hartley

10 years ago yesterday, January 29, my father, Gary Hartley Sr., died one day after having his third open heart surgery. He was 60 years-old. His obituary began with these words: “On January 29, 2005, a messenger of good news was taken home to the Lord having finished the race.” If I had been asked, […]