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Bread and Wine

by Pastor Hartley

In 1550, Thomas Cranmer, then Archbishop of Canterbury, wrote a book on the subject of the Lord’s Supper. For Cranmer the topic was one for which he had labored until he had significant expertise.¬†The book, A Defence of the True and Catholick Doctrine of the Sacrament of the Body and Blood of our Saviour Christ, […]

Living Our Eternal Citizenship Now

by Pastor Hartley

In his comments on John 4 our faithful brother, John Calvin, makes a penetrating observation on the nature of religious pride. His comments are of a particular help in answering the question, How now shall the church live when boundaries of public life, once more pluralistically welcoming toward¬†God’s moral law, are now rapidly contracting against […]

Nourishing At The Table

by Pastor Hartley

As we meet the Lord at his table this Sunday it will help us to think on the relation of Old Testament sacrifices to “the body and the blood” we find on the table. The late Louis Berkhof, in his wonderful 1938 work, Systematic Theology, spells out the connection for us: Just as there were […]