Below is a list of books or articles that you may find helpful as  you endeavor to learn more about our faith. We encourage you to use some of your time reading such material and reflecting upon how you may be encouraged or challenged by what you read. Remember, of course, that no work of man is infallible and everything we read should be tested by the sure foundation of God's word. Some of the titles also serve as links to a bookstore where you can order the book, or, in the case of articles, where you can read the article.

Delighting in the Trinity - An Introduction to the Christian Faith by Michael Reeves, 2012, IVPress. 130pp. This short book helps describe the nature and relationship of the trinity in a way that demonstrates its relevance for Christian thinking and practice. For a brief review of this by OPC pastor and professor, Carl Trueman, click HERE.

Redemption - Accomplished and Applied by John Murray, 1955, Eerdmans. 181 pp. This has become a classic study of the atonement. The two parts of this book explain the accomplishment of the atonement in history as well as the application of that atonement to the life of the believer.