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Books, Books, Books

by Pastor Hartley

I do not wish to make too much out of the importance of books, but nor do I wish to make too little of them either. We all know how easy and common it is to elevate something to a place of such significance that the brouhaha turns out to be nothing more than a […]

What’s your calling? What is calling?

by Pastor Hartley

It is an epic statement dangerously close to triumphalism but I am not sure it is something for which we will have to apologize: the 16th century reformation of the church shepherded normal work-a-day Christians back to a true humanity to both the benefit of themselves and their neighbors. What I am referring to specifically […]

following after God in all things

by Pastor Hartley

Have you ever noticed how humanity is always arriving after God?  We climb a tall and difficult mountain like Everest only to find God has already been there. We finish a long slog through mechanical developments or industrial inventions or technological innovations and discover God has already done it.  This was all strangely and beautifully pressed upon […]